updated 09, April 2017 Thoughts in Patterns 4 available from Amazon
(See the first ten pages of each for free) 'Leaving Australia Book 2' now available e books of Terrell Neuage

world retirement tour blog updated 09 April 2017


new picture poem collection updated almost daily on flickr and youpic

new video picture poems (youtube) 09 April 2017 on Flickr

The Magic Mansion updated 24 May 2016

New Neuage on Behance - creative portfolio Up Dated 28 March 2017

Resume Up Dated 04 November 2016

23 years of teaching and making webpages...since 1994

Laos ~ Myanmar ~ Hanoi ~ Hong Kong

The big tofu burger vs. beef burger cook-off

background textIf I were your friend I would be so happy to see youI did have something to say maybe it is hereOK so I do not use this often but when I do this is what I show

embeded Children Story - Wombat (The Strange World of Leigh McGee)

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you were a butterflywe were right next to you in 2009


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