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Travels through India with Terrell Neuage and Narda Biemond. Follow our blog at http://neuage.me updated 10/02/18

Delhi [(Return to Wednesday (17th) / Thursday (18th) / Friday (19th) / Saturday (20th) Sunday-Monday (21-22), Agra (23rd/24th), Jaipur (25th - 31st), Jaisalmer, Jodpur, Mumbai, Pune, Trivandrum, Varkala, Kochi, Kalka, Solan, Shimla, LAST TWO WEEKS; low-carb vegetarian foods (updated 10/02/18), trains (that we take),

India 16 January - 16 April 2018 home page go to links above for places visited

Below is the first part of our journey and below that is the next map(LATEST IS HERE (14/02/18 - Jaipur) Delhi time of course)

Kalka, Solan, Shimla
New Delhi